Disaster Recovery

What is
disaster recovery

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets. Lose it and you lose business!

Backing up is vital and often overlooked

Neglecting to back up data is one of the most fundamental mistakes that a business can make. It makes financial sense too: did you know that it can cost more to recover from data loss than it would to protect that data in the first place?

In addition to the cost of retrieiving the data, you can also factor in expenses for disaster recovery and loss of business revenue.

DataTrust Online Backup is suitable for all businesses

DataTrust’s back up solution is suitable for every type of business – whatever its size – and offers true versatility and functionality for data storage and server back up.

Perhaps you already back up your data in-house? This provides one level of security. However, having an online back up service can offer proper peace of mind. After all, your in-house computer back up willl not protect you or your business in the event of theft, fire, flooding or a nasty virus.

DataTrust Online Backup is secured and versatile

DataTrust utilises an ISO-certified secure online storage facility (with redundant power) for data and network back up. From VMware to Microsoft Exchange, DataTrust offers the compatibility that you need to put in place to safeguard all of your important applications and data.

When it comes to security, all of your data is encrypted before it even arrives at our site and the integrity of all data backed up is always confirmed by email.

Keep your information Safe, Secure, Offsite and Encrypted

Sadly, if disaster has already struck and you need to recover information from a drive, our sister company Data Rescue will help you recover your lost data no matter what drive it is on!


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